How to grow / repair hair?

Dry and frizzy hair, when the weather is dry, you can always hear the sound of static “papapa”, ugly, uncomfortable and unpleasant.

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Smooth hair will make you happy, at the same time, there will be more mood to enjoy the moment.

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However, you have used a lot of conditioners and hair masks, but the effect is still not as expected. Have you thought about trying new hair care methods?

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DOZRAN – Rich Nourishment Essential Oil

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Hair care artifact with many precious oils

Hair nutrition care that can be done at home is no less effective than the “nutrition package” of professional barber shops, which is more convenient and healthier.

Do you know that in addition to facials, body skin care, and aromatherapy, essential oils can also be used for hair care, which nourishes hair and hair follicles in total, so that the hair is smooth and beautiful, nourishes the scalp, and strengthens hair roots.

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Aroma therapists always like and are good at solving problems with essential oils, because they prefer natural, healthy and beautiful things. Regarding hair, they said: Of course, it can be solved with essential oils!

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 Nutrition problems are the main problem of dry hair 

Dry hair is easy to fold, which means that the life of the hair has been threatened, and most of the reasons are due to insufficient nutrition, resulting in the loss of water, protein and various trace elements, which makes the hair tarnished and the hair quality damaged.

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Inappropriate care is also one of the causes of dry hair. Too frequent washing and frequent perm dyeing can also cause hair damage, making the hair dull and dry.

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Excessive work pressure, especially for those who have been using computers for a long time, have a high concentration of attention. Over time, the brain will always be excited.

As a result, the endocrine system associated with hair growth is affected, leading to excessive sebaceous gland secretion, blocking the hair follicles, and making the hair dry and dry.

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DOZRAN – Rich Nourishment Essential Oil, blended with a variety of precious essential oils, it can effectively nourish hair and hair follicles and help hair restore shine, suppleness, fullness and toughness.

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Essential oil ingredients to comprehensively supplement the nutrients needed for hair

Some substances in traditional conditioners are easy to remain on the scalp, causing the hair follicles to become clogged, causing fat particles and hair to fall out.

Many conditioners are weakly acidic, and it is inevitable that they will contact the scalp during use, which will cause damage for a long time.

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DOZRAN – Rich Nourishment Essential Oil, it does not contain silicone oil, essence and other ingredients. It is based on natural precious oils and applied directly to the hair. It can form a protective layer of essential oils, while replenishing the nutrition of the hair, it also restores the damaged hair.

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Aromatic essential oil molecules can also promote the circulation of the human body, calm down the restless state of mind, and maintain physical and mental health.

 What’s the secret of DOZRAN – Rich Nourishment Essential Oil? 

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Compared to the chemicals contained in traditional conditioners, aromatherapy therapists naturally prefer to use healthy and natural essential oils to achieve the purpose of hair conditioning. The selection of essential oil formula is naturally the top priority.

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In order to achieve the desired effect in the mind, the team of aroma therapists repeatedly tested and modified the formula, and finally decided to use grape seed oil and coconut oil as the basic nutritional oil. With ginger root oil, rosemary leaf oil, ylang-ylang oil as the effect oil. To deal with hair dryness, frizz, easy to fall and other issues, do targeted treatment.

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Grape seed oil and coconut oil can provide the necessary nutrients to the hair, and rosemary leaf oil can hydrate the hair and make the hair soft and smooth.

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Ginger root oil can repair dry and split hair, and Ylang Ylang oil can make the hair dark and beautiful.

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Essential oils can also heal the body and mind while protecting the hair. Unique aromatic molecules can enter the body through the sense of smell and skin, which relieves fatigue and calms the mood. Nourish, from outside to inside.

If you persist in using it for a period of time, hair dryness, split ends, and frizz caused by perming and dyeing can be repaired to a certain extent.

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Long-term use can make the hair strong, soft and shiny, and exude a natural charming aroma.

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New hair care experience, ready to try it?


Post time: Jun-28-2020