• Various colors mask

    Various colors mask

    Various colors mask
    Support custom colors
  • Mask with Fish Mouth Shape (KN95)

    Mask with Fish Mouth Shape (KN95)

    Fish shape mask
    KN95 protective
    Support custom
  • Kn95 mask

    Kn95 mask

    Size: 16*20cm
    Standards compliant : China national standard GB2626-2006
    Material/Fabric: Qualified skin-friendly non-woven fabric, hot air-through nonwoven fabric(keep warm), top grade melt-blown fabric(filter)
    BFE: 95%
    Style: 3D foldable, 4ply thick material, 5ply thick material
  • Surgical Mask

    Surgical Mask

    Model: Disposable 3-ply Surgical Face Mask
    Specification: 10 pcs/bag
    Size: 17.5*9.5cm
    Color: blue
    Materials: Non-woven fabric and melt-blown filter
    Filter Rating: >99%
  • Medical Mask

    Medical Mask

    Product Name: Medical Mask
    Layer: 3 layers
    Filter material: non-woven+melt blown+non-woven
    Filter rating: ≥95%
    BFE: ≥95%
    Size: 17.5 x 9.5cm (or as requested)
    Type: Ear hanging
    Advantages: 3 layers of filtration, no odor, anti-allergic materials, sanitary packaging, good breathability. Effectively prevent inhalation of dust, pollen, hair, flu, germ, etc..
  • Civil Mask

    Civil Mask

    1. Low respiratory resistance, no odor, no irritation.
    2. PFE (filtration efficiency of non-oily particles) ≥ 30%
    3. Prevent pollution caused by bacteria, dust, liquid splash and droplets.