We are engaged in a medical research, development and sales in one of the high-tech enterprises, we also provide OEM processing services for all related enterprises.
Why choose us?
1.Over 10 years manufacture experience in health items
2.Advanced research and development production equipment
3.From a professional team of R&D experts
4.Mature team, provide one-stop service deep tracking
5.3000000pcs daily production capacity
6.We have 200 experienced workers,factory occupied erea more than 5000 square meter
7.Customers included China Tmall,CSPC,NCPC,Xiuzheng Group,Beijing YongRenTang.etc.

Company culture
Corporate vision: Classic heritage, a hundred years of Shouzheng
Entrepreneurial spirit: Unite as one, Diligent developmentHand in hand, Courage to fight for the first

Corporate values:
1. Customer first: Responsibility for customers is our responsibility.
2, teamwork: teamwork: share and bear together, sacrifice myself to achieve our goal.
3. Sharing: Passionate and positive, share work experience, share positive energy, and learn from each other.
4. Embrace change: embrace change and be brave in innovation.
5. Responsibility: If you are brave enough to take responsibility, you can be self-willed and responsible.
6, Dedication: professional persistence, keep on improving.
7, Integrity: honesty and integrity, deeds accord with words.
8, Passion positive energy: never give up, optimistic upward